Thursday, February 02, 2006

Black Hole

A number of interesting tidbits in My adventures of the last couple of days by Neil Gaiman. What struck me in particular however is the news that he and Roger Avary are going to be working on the film adaptation of Black Hole by Charles Burns.

Now, "Black Hole" was one of those things that I read and wanted to adapt. Not just in that fleeting way. I grew up in Seattle in the '70s. I know how all of those things and places looked and felt and smelled. It, in one place or another, manages to hit nearly all of my various obsessions, high school, disease, sex, social discomfort, confusion... in a way I felt a kinship to. But realistically, I knew the interest was out there and I'd get beat out by someone already in the industry...

And really, if I had to get beat out getting to this project by a Brit and a Californian, they'd be my pick. I wanna see it... Now!

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