Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Constant Gardener

I saw The Constant Gardener the other night.

I'm not sure what to say about it really. The acting is absolutely brilliant. The mystery is quite interesting. The political point its touching on is frightening and important... although... well, I think they may have oversimplified that issue in a way that seemed somewhat implausible to me...

The direction? Well, in days past I would have leapt out with the generic pejorative "pretentious", however I just spent 18 hours shooting a sequence that may turn out quite pretentious to many, so I'm now hesitant to use it. However, I am comfortable saying the direction with it's light saturation and excessive hand held work stood out as obvious and distracting to me rather than adding anything to it. And the pacing never quite worked either. It was neither deliberate nor exciting, it just sort of spurted along in bits and pieces.

So, it's good, but a handful of elements are great and deserved to be part of a movie just as great as a whole.

The main thing I want to say, though, is that people seem to make political thrillers of this nature occasionally... the ones that focus heavily on the politics and end up being a very big, arthouse movie that is never going to do much more than preach to the choir. Why can't someone take an issue like this, pull it back just a hair and make it as Bourne Identity 3 or something that will make more people aware of the issues rather than simply masturbating for those that already believe as they do?

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