Sunday, February 19, 2006


I found myself going through my comics last night. I was hunting down some old "Green Arrow" issues to draw further inspiration for the script I'm working to get moving on... in fact, the two issues pictured here, for the Green Arrow fans hoping for a hint of the direction I'm heading.

There are a bunch of titles in there that have never been collected, and a couple that may never be, that I'm really glad to have. Denny O'Neil's "Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter" and "The Question", Lewis Shiner's "The Hacker Files", as well as my beloved Mike Grell run on "Green Arrow". Not to mention that the basic conceit of Bongo's "Radioactive Man" series that each issue is from a different period in comics history works best in single issues.

But seriously... I hate single issue comic magazines!

Ok, I admit going through the long box and sorting through is fun and makes me feel all dorky and collectory, but as soon as I feel like taking them out and start trying to read them then suddenly they're all flimsy and filled with ads. You read through one and instead of flowing, you have to bag it back up and take out another.

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