Saturday, February 11, 2006

Online rentals

Frequent Netflix renters sent to back of the line

As some of you may recall, this policy drove me from the Netflix service about a year ago. Well, it was this policy and the crappy customer service I got when I tried to get answers regarding my service, most of which came down to this goddamn policy.

I went to Blockbuster, which seemed to go well at first. After compiling a list for years on Netflix of movies that were on DVD that Netflix did not have, I managed to get most from them. In the end, the slower service just wore me down, though, and I came to the realization that their selection wasn't better overall and just sort of dropped it.

Then I started with Greencine. I'd heard good things about their selection and sense of community within the site, which supposedly made up for the long wait for arrival. I won't ream them, because they're a small company and I support their existance, but that selection is crap!

Sure, there were occasional Asian or European region 0 disks that the other services didn't have, but those were much fewer and further between than their reputation would suggest. Plus there were a lot of obvious cult DVDs like Race With The Devil, Django and The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash that they didn't deem worthy of having available.

So, now I've been back with Netflix. I still think throttling is really fucked up policy. I still think their customer service is arrogant and shitty. I wish all of their current staff and management would be injured bodily and replaced by decent citizens...

But, unfortunately, their service is so head-and-shoulders above their competition that it looks like I'll be with them for a long time to come.

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