Monday, March 06, 2006

Match Point

I saw Woody Allen's Match Point for my birthday.

There was a time when I rushed to see every Woody Allen movie at the first possible opportunity. Now, I haven't even seen all of his recent movies at all, so I can't pinpoint without absolute certainty how long it's been since he's made a movie this great or even approaching this great. My rough estimate, however, is 1989's Crimes and Misdemeanors, which is actually my personal favorite Allen movie.

Further than that, I'd have to get into details that are better seen as they unfold. The movie does not happen in an accidental order. I will only note that I was, as an American, quite impressed with the British dialogue. I'll also make a note that in keeping with most of Allen's work, there's a very noteworthy similarity between the choice faced by the lead character and the choice he himself must have faced at his most notorious moment in life, at least from his own perspective.

Now, go! See it! Enjoy!

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