Wednesday, March 15, 2006


It's 2006, why is it that Rhino Records has managed to mean quality sound product for over 25 years, but after nearly as long of putting out home video products, they've yet to make a single one worth half a damn. Even movies like Head and Walking Tall that very much deserve proper DVD treatment have been put out in shamefully ugly looking and sounding DVDs that shame the Rhino label.

Which isn't what's important here directly, since Lee Frost's Policewomen is certainly not nearly as deserving of such treatment.

It's odd to me how cult movies get such different reputations. This movie has a moderately positive reputation, however, in my readings, even cult fans seem not terribly fond of T.N.T. Jackson, which also features the lovely Jean Bell.

Just a note: For some reason, I seem unable to find a website dedicated to the lovely Ms. Bell. This seems odd to me, only because there are less interesting subjects with websites all over this crazy Internet. Centerfold (here's the October, 1969 centerfold picture, which is unremarkably not safe for work viewing) model, cult actress, charismatic and sexy...

Anyway, Ms. Bell is not the star of the movie, although it may have been improved substantially if she was. Instead it stars Sondra Currie, sister of Cherie Currie, who is sexy in a certain way, but really doesn't have much charisma or acting skill. As the titular "policewoman" - there is arguably another, of sorts, but I won't spoil the details there - she is utterly unbelievable in her confidence as a police officer, her fighter or even her lovemaking.

I suppose some of the fun is in mocking the ridiculous story, poor acting, and sloppy things like the way they tried to pull frames to speed up the action so choppily that it comes across as jump cuts. Unfortunately, this was impeded for me by the way the movie just plods along with no rhythm or energy at all. I found myself thinking that with even a decent score this would still not have been good, but it would it would at least have been a fun kind of bad. Instead the music is boring and inappropriate - accordion music during the sex scene? - but not even in an obvious way, but merely in an annoying and dissatisfying way.

I guess that sums up the movie as a whole for me.

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Marty McKee said...

I don't like TNT JACKSON very much either. That is, outside of the classic topless karate fight that Roger Corman ripped off in at least three other movies throughout the decades. Jeanne Bell is, however, for real, a very sexy woman and decent screen presence, and, yes, even more so than Sondra Currie. POLICEWOMEN is a fun movie, quite absurd, perhaps no more so than when the diminutive Currie beats the crap out of big Bill Smith.

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