Monday, March 06, 2006

Werewolves on Wheels

Werewolves on Wheels is a peculiar movie to attempt to review. It's not really good... but...

Since watching it, I've hunted down a few online reviews, many of which are incredibly harsh, especially considering that they are from people who sat down to watch a movie called Werewolves on Wheels. I've since assessed that prior to this recent DVD release, most available prints were dark in places that would make the important sequences difficult to follow and edits in some awkward places. Seen in that context, I can see would throw it off significantly.

This would be important in two ways. Most obviously in that Isidore Mankofsky's cinematography is one of the highlights of the movie. In another, it apparently actually cuts or obscures some key story information in a movie that doesn't exactly have a strong plot. Mind you, it's clearly purposefully meandering, which probably doesn't work for some in itself.

It also apparently cuts much of the nudity, which would cut the most engaging part of the "Bride of Satan" sequence, leaving only the hokey parts... and also the part where the music in that sequence finally gels with the images and creates a haunting combination.

And that brings us to the most important positive... Don Gere's kick ass awesome score. A score I prefer even to Davie Allan and The Arrows's score for Roger Corman's The Wild Angels, which is saying something.

I'm making it sound better than it is. It is, after all, about a motorcycle gang who has a run-in with a Satanic cult that turns two of them into werewolves. There are concepts out there that couldn't possibly be great, or even very good, even with the greatest talents in cinema involved and this certainly isn't to that extreme, but its not one to expect anything but a silly good time and I thought it succeeded overall.

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