Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The art of sales

In the post Roger Corman: The Movie Poster on the "That Little Round-Headed Boy" blog, there is a wonderful link to John Solie's one-sheet art. I highly recommend checking it out.

On that site is this poster to a movie I have, in fact, not seen.

Looking at that art, I immediately became convinced that I had to see the movie it advertised. I ran to IMDb in search of more information on this amazing looking movie.

It is available on DVD, however with this splash of cold water cover art.

As I said, I've not seen the movie. I don't know which image better captures the actual film itself. I do know that the DVD art turned me instantly from very excited to see a movie to putting it on the list of movies I may eventually check out. You know, when I've finally seen all of the hundreds or thousands of movies I really want to see.

Now, I'm sure there would have been licensing fees and such to use that poster art, but it should have paid for itself a dozen times over. For God's sake! That image is dynamic and exciting and everything that makes me want to see movies! And that DVD cover is the same bad Photoshop image that new movie art suffers from, except with a bad Austin Powers reject on the cover and an awful purple background to boot.

Sadly, I actually want to not see the movie from that DVD art more than I want to see the movie from that original art... and that's a lot of wanting!

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