Thursday, April 06, 2006

Corman Blog-A-Thon: The Aftermath

Tim Lucas posted Everybody's Getting Into the Act!!!, reporting on the success of the Corman Blog-A-Thon. Apparently 31 people participated, in the end.

He notes how interesting and appropriate it was that people covered such vastly different subjects. I'd like like to add that I found it equally appropriate how disparate they were in how they were written. Some had been written hurriedly on the day and some had been considered for the two days since the announcement. Some were long and detailed, some were short and concise, some knew Corman and his work well, some only in passing, and all brought something of that to what they wrote.

I'm not entirely sure why I found this so exciting, although some of it should be obvious considering what I did write. I ended up writing close to 3000 words yesterday, most of which was contained in two essays. The first, "Roger Corman, my idol", was the one I considered for two days, and the second, "In praise of bad movies", which was only partly related to Corman, seemed to flow nearly fully-formed from my head. I don't think either is anything close to the best of the participating blogs, but I do think they're both, in their different ways, two of the best blog entries I've done.

Of course, I also still have "England Swings" by Roger Miller in my head, and I don't have Tim Lucas's clever Roger Corman lyrics memorized.

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