Monday, April 03, 2006

The Corman gauntlet

Somehow, I feel like that ought to have an even more salacious and commercial title than that. It is dramatic, however, and I might even give myself points because I got the idea from a bigger, better written blog and am now passing my no frills version on.

In his post, It's Roger Week at Video WatchBlog, Tim Lucas notes that Wednesday is Roger Corman's 80th birthday and suggests that he'd "like to see a Roger Corman 'Blog-A-Thon' this Wednesday. That gives you about as much time as Roger had to make The Little Shop of Horrors. It doesn't have to be ambitious, just post a rough-and-ready blog in the true Corman spirit."

I'll be participating... or at least writing something. Heck, I might have anyway.

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