Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More Corman

I was pondering the Roger Corman joke I made in last post.

It was dependent on the reader knowing which of the many Roger Cormans I was referring to. The maker of cheap, junky looking sci-fi movies, the dark humorist, the maker of Gothic horrors, the late '60s maverick, the early '70s Titan of a trash empire.

Oddly enough, I wasn't even referring to any of those. I was referring to the mid-to-late '70s (and beyond) blatant trend-follower. The interesting thing is that all of those are so iconic that anyone who has seen or even read about a significant number of those periods should know very quickly which version someone is referring to, so quickly, in fact, that they won't even pause to think consciously on the matter.

They are also influenced significantly by the people around him, his screenwriters, his assistants and eventually the directors under him. Not the least of these are questions like, how much of the humor did Roger Corman get in, say, a Charles Griffith script? Different people with the same amount of reason to know often supply much different answers.

None of them are so iconic, however, that one can't see where they each flow in and out of each other and don't actually ever flow as far from one another as they seem on the surface.

This was intended as a quick footnote to the last post, even a suggestion for someone else to riff off, and is quickly turning into its own entry. Some of this is indeed relevant to the subject I've chosen, which is much more elementary school in nature, but isn't actually what I plan to write about. Perhaps I'll write the other another day or, better yet, someone else will write it for me on Thursday!

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