Friday, May 26, 2006

Blade Runner

Blade Runner Final Cut is Coming reports, "Warner Home Video has disentangled the rights issues for Blade Runner to pave the way for a September reissue of the remastered 'Director's Cut' version, followed by a theatrical release of a version promised to be truly Ridley Scott's final cut."

This is wonderful news for those of us who've been following this. The "Director's Cut" has indeed never been entirely satisfying, always showing off that it's merely a slightly spiffed up workprint and the news that "Blade Runner: The Final Cut will arrive in 2007 for a limited 25th anniversary theatrical run, followed by a special edition DVD with the three previous versions offered as alternate viewing: Besides the original theatrical version and director's cut, the expanded international theatrical cut will be included. The set will also contain additional bonus materials." is even more exciting, a theatrical release and a DVD set that sound ready to rival the Dawn of the Dead Ultimate Edition as an essential DVD set.

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