Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hot German chicks

I was riding the bus and there were two cute young women, speaking mostly in German. This was of no small intrigue to me, as either would have caught my bus attention in itself. I can't say where my attention would have gone if there had been two cute young women on one side of the bus and two German dudes on the other.

It hardly matters, luck was with me.

They sat and spoke sort of half the time in German and half in heavily accented English. And I eavesdropped to see how much of the German I could make out.

To my great amusement, one of them started into a rant. It involved Bauhaus Books & Coffee here. Bauhaus, by the way, rhymes with "Cow Mouse", and they found it quite humorous that some American friends had invited her to the "Bah-Hahs".

That's all.
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