Saturday, April 01, 2006

Lung power

It occurs to me that Barbie must have mighty lungs.

Yeah, I actually don't mean that.

"Nice lungs." That's one of those weird expressions I can't think I've ever heard a peer use unironically. I picture old sailors saying it over a pack of smokes and cards late at night. It's one of those ones you can recognize that it's only used to describe one's approval of a pair of large breasts. I'm not sure why. I suppose lungs would be, in most cases, kind of large, as breasts go, but then they'd also be mightily creepy and unarousing.

Although she has a relatively large chest measurement, which is occasionally pointed out in some context or other, Barbie's breasts are not very large at all, in case you've never seen her naked. Her back isn't broad either. What she has is a giant chest. Perhaps that holds a heart that's two sizes too big, but that doesn't seem to fit her to me. I suspect she just has mighty, perhaps even superhuman lungs.

My desire is for her to marry Namor the Sub-Mariner and see what kind of children they would produce.

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