Friday, May 26, 2006

The Producers

I'm not sure what to say about The Producers, the new movie version of the hit Broadway musical version of the classic and brilliant Mel Brooks movie, The Producers.

I'm completely a dork for musicals and really regret that I've not seen the show live. I regret it even more now that I've seen this movie, which has its moments, but seems to never get into a groove. I suspect most people would advise tightening it up, since it definitely feels flaccid through sections, and toning down the performances.

I think the movie's strongest points are where it most celebrates its stage musical nature. The musical numbers, with the exception of "You'll Find Your Happiness In Rio", are joyful, funny and delightfully staged. Personally, I think the best plan would have been to open it up and embrace what it is, more like The Music Man, my favorite movie musical.

But it did need something. For a movie directed by a choreographer, it really never finds a rhythm.

Yes, I'm also sorry I wrote that.

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