Monday, May 22, 2006


I firmly believe V by Alan Moore and David Lloyd to be one of the Top 10, possibly Top 5, funny books - or comics or graphic novels or sequential art stories or whatever - ever... or at least that I've personally read.

So, when I say that V for Vendetta by James McTeigue isn't as good, please understand that I don't mean it's not really good... possibly even great... because it certainly is. Much is lost in the translation, the very quiet and literary style of the book is replaced by something bigger and more bombastic, and yet, for nearly all of it, appropriately thoughtful and theatrical.

This was the pulpy but tight writers of Bound and possibly more importantly the unproduced Carnivore screenplay rather than the overblown, overrated and ultimately tedious and pedantic Matrix trilogy at work here, which was a major relief. And while there are a couple too many computer slow motion shots (read: any), the movie manages most of the time to feel old fashion and let its ideas be of the moment.

And Hugo Weaving is absolutely brilliant at capturing the V built by Moore, Lloyd and my imagination. There's the rage, the sadness, the intelligence, the dramatic flair, the poetry...

The movie itself also does a wonderful job of capturing the images from the comic and also very ably tells a story that's at once a whole story and a series of episodes without ever slipping into feeling too "episodic".

This movie is the movie that deserved to be the big hit of the summer... or really last winter. The original November 5 release date was really a shame to miss. I hope it finds a lot of life on video.

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