Friday, May 19, 2006

Whoopsie Daisy's

I recently had an intriguing entrepreneurial idea. It would be in-between a Hooters and a strip club and the waitresses would just always "accidentally" expose various parts, lean over with your plates and "Oops! My boob fell out! Silly me. Oh, my, I dropped my pen!"

I think it would be called Whoopsie Daisy's.

I know, this wouldn't take long before it wasn't cute and was just sleazy businessmen putting tips down to get the waitstaff to expose themselves and that would bore me. In fact, it would be only a step or two above going back to high school.

To achieve that, I think it would need to be more theatrical in tone, something like Teatro ZinZanni. The waitstaff would be performers and paid (and paid well) as such. Gratuities would be included on the bill and they wouldn't be allowed to accept anything further.

I picture a old west saloon feel with a big middle-aged proprietor, Whoopsie Daisy, a big mustachioed bartender and a cast of characters, who each member of the waitstaff would portray and a cabaret show, etc.

Of course, I don't have the money or energy to make this happen. Maybe I'll write a movie about it and someone else will make the effort to do it.

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