Sunday, June 04, 2006


In my last post, I noted my desire to revisit the 1979 T&A classic H.O.T.S.. Well, I did.

I'm not sure what I can say about it. It's a great example of a kind of movie that essentially no longer exists, the T&A romp. Movies that exist merely to amuse moderately and keep moving between scenes of bared breasts.

These rather harmless movies seemed an easy target for critics and certain types of feminist at the time they were popular. I'm hardly convinced that the elimation of them from the marketplace has made the world a better place for women. They were briefly replaced by increasingly mean-sprited and misogynistic Basic Instinct rip-offs and now, I believe, hard core pornography. I can't imagine that the pre-teens raised on either of those will be better than that of those of us raised on those romps.

I miss these greatly, myself. I think they're fun and joyfully - if adolescently - sex positive. They have women with real breasts, which I'm an avowed and enthusiastic fan of, and women who look like they could have been the real women you'd meet, just a little hotter.

If I felt more comfortable with comedy writing, I'd pursue the idea of writing something like this as my next project.

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