Thursday, June 29, 2006

Life, family and distraction

I'm thinking about taking up saying things using really note perfect grammar and including lots of expletives.

"With fucking whom were you goddamn dancing last night, cocksucker?"

I guess that'll make me sound even more like a character from Deadwood than I do already, so perhaps that's not such a great idea.

Anyway, I'm mostly trying to distract myself. My Aunt Karen is having surgery today. She's one of those figures who looms large over my life and family without me being entirely sure why. She is more the matriarch of the family than even my grandmother was (or than my grandfather was patriarch) and feels like she should be perennial, so her illness in recent times has been both generally upsetting but kind of world shattering...

I watched Night Watch by Timur Bekmambetov.

I didn't have high expectations. I felt, looking at the previews and whatnot, like I agreed with the opening of Roger Ebert's review, where he wrote, "I confess to a flagging interest in the struggle between the forces of Light and Darkness. It's like Super Sunday in a sport I do not follow, like tetherball."

I confess that I still basically feel that way, but for those two hours with those wonderfully rich characters and the incredible amount of imagination poured in, I was the biggest fan there is. Hopefully soon, I'll write a detailed critique and examine the richness of it as a whole, talk about the roles of the characters and the applicability of its core concept to Bush's "War of Terror". I'm not sure I've taken it in fully enough to be prepared for that right now...

Not to mention the fact that while observances about cinematic brilliance distract from life's issues, to some extent, those issues continue to weigh upon one in ways that makes detailed analysis a challenge. So, just see it yourself for now. I'll get back to you when I can.

Oh! Does someone know if the song "Jeepster" by T. Rex is in a movie now or something? I'm hearing it everywhere.

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