Sunday, July 30, 2006

Miami Vice

I can't say I have any idea why one would cast Colin Farrell as Don Johnson and then make him look like George Clooney. It makes no particular sense.

I actually had a brief glimmer of hope a long way back when I first heard the rumor that Michael Mann was making Miami Vice.

As someone with the minority opinion that Thief, Manhunter and the original Miami Vice series are the only things Mann has done that aren't tedious and heavy-handed, it would have been nice to see him return to that feel.

The casting was the first bad sign. Farrell is wrong in so many ways, I don't even know where to begin. Jamie Foxx is off, but could've worked with a well-cast Crockett. He ultimately seems too hard and overtly tough for the role.

I'm not specifically endorsing it, but casting the perpetually over-cast Brad Pitt and Will Smith is the roles would have shown a general understanding of what the characters had been and that we'd be in to see an update of those characters.

And then there's the color scheme. I know the excuse. It's not the '80s.

Of course, that's stupid!

"Miami Vice" wasn't pastel because it was the '80s, it was pastel because it was Miami! Pastel became a '80s phenomenon because of "Miami Vice"! Nothing I've seen has suggested that people in Miami have stopped dressing in pastels. I'd be tremendously surprised to learn if they have.

I'll have real thoughts on the movie after it comes out on DVD, but this was bugging me.

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