Monday, July 17, 2006

Mickey Spillane, RIP

Mike Hammer creator Mickey Spillane dies by Bruce Jones.

Like many American males, I discovered Mickey Spillane around age 12 and have remained a fan off and on over the years. His writing style is simple and his stories move forward like a speeding truck. He wasn't a closet stylist, like Raymond Chandler, but a pulp writer in the truest sense.

I'm actually in the middle of reading Me, Hood right now and enjoying it a lot.

Good-bye, Mickey!


Marty McKee said...

Hey, I have that same paperback. I made it through about 20 pages and put it down. Maybe I oughta pick it up again. I also have 6 or 7 Mike Hammer novels that I've been planning to read for ages.

Neil said...

I'm certainly not going to push it as a great book. It's kind of derivative even by Spillane standards, but its kind of fun and has some nice tough guy stuff, which is a tone I'm kind of absorbing right now for whatever I write next.

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