Friday, July 21, 2006

More random notes

There was a woman yesterday on the bus talking to the bus driver about the weather. She was sure the fact that it was 90 degrees was proof of global warming.

It was July 20! Now, I'm not a global warming doubter, but you can call up Al Gore and ask why it was 90 degrees in Seattle yesterday and he'll say, "Because it was the middle of summer!"


A convergence of events led me to Clerks II this afternoon. Odd, since I went alone and it certainly wasn't my number one movie to go to in a theater.

I think I'll have to live with it a bit before I'm sure how much I like it. Certainly vastly more than I enjoyed any of the trailers.

I thought the actors were all solid. Brian and Jeff have really improved all around. The energy was good. There was certainly plenty to be found to infer autobiographical details about Kevin Smith from.

That said, I thought overreliance on musical montage sequences that made Jersey Girl absolutely painful to watch, while muted, was still a bit much for me. And somehow, I walked away having wished for something more somehow. I'm not sure what.

I did enjoy it, however, and it did get me thinking on how the issues involved are relevant to my own life, so I'm glad, in whatever way, that I went.

Also, here's a discussion of the specs for the Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut DVD that's coming out in November. I'm totally psyched for it. I'm glad it's coming on a stand-alone disk, because it seems that set is going to be fourteen disks... of Superman. I can't even imagine what's going to be on them all.

It seems by the timing that they'll be releasing it on a schedule with the Superman Returns DVD. To my mind, common sense dictates this would have been better to release at the time the new movie was in the theater. Have the old movies available new and shiny to psych people up for the movie or the movie in the theater to psych people up to run to the video store and buy up the DVDs.

Common sense can be off, they're doing the same thing with the much anticipated, by me at least, Mission: Impossible first season DVD, so maybe their research and experience contradicts common sense.

Who knows?

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