Monday, July 10, 2006


I got an email from Video Universe, informing that the unrated version of The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak was being released tomorrow.

I've seen this movie, in its 88 minute US version, three or four times over the years, although probably not in at least a decade. It's based on the comic strip The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline by John Willie and stars the infamous Tawny Kitaen, of Whitesnake video fame.

The movie itself is kind of an S&M version Raiders of the Lost Ark, albeit, as I recall, without the smarts and are to detail.

Looking at it, I notice that it's indeed 106 minutes. That's nearly 20 minutes more material. Not to mention being in the original French, rather than cheaply dubbed. I'm definitely getting this off the Netflix.

If I were buying it, however, this right here would bug me -

The cover art on the left is much better, but represents the 88 minute US version that doesn't include a commentary. The cover art on the right is just damn cheap looking and yet represents the better package on disk.

I guess this is a reason to feel better that I don't have the money to have this be a problem. My Netflix envelope will look essentially the saw either way.


Anonymous said...

the poster on the left stared at me every damned day as I walked into SIFF. lawl. the poster for this movie was at the Seattle International Film Festival.

I don't know if it ever actually played there. I'll have to check...I just thought it was a friggin joke.


Neil said...

It definitely played SIFF. I know because I desperately wanted to go. I'd read about it in some sci-fi magazines or something and desperately wanted to go. I think that might have even been the first time I ever specifically wanted to go to a film festival film.

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