Monday, July 17, 2006

Ultimate Avengers

Ultimate Avengers: The Movie suffers from mostly from being incredibly boring.

Based on the first arc of The Ultimates by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch, this ought to have been a stone cinch. That series is hardly a benchmark for great Superhero storytelling, but it's a lot of fun, which is exactly what I hoped for from this surprisingly dry retelling of the first storyline, Super-Human.

What bugs me the most, however, is the "Based on The Ultimates by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch" credit at the beginning. Not because it's inappropriate, but because there's no corresponding "In turn based on The Avengers by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby" credit. There's not even a buried "thank you" credit like, as in The X-Men. Even the "Captain America created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby" credit is buried in the small print at the end.

There's no excuse at all for this.

The thank you credit at the end of The X-Men should have gone to Neal Adams, Len Wein, Dave Cockrum, Chris Claremont and John Byrne, with Stan and Jack getting their rightful creator credit. That would have been perfect.

I'm sure the official stand has something to do with not wanting any credit that could imply that those guys should get money for or power over the continued use of the characters. I'm not sure how the new credit for Lee and Steve Ditko on the Spider-Man movies works, however, in that case. But if we take that for granted, there's still no reason that the thank you credit can't be more prominent for the people we all know are the creators.

Hey. Stan Lee gets boatloads of cash and an executive producer credit on all of these things, so he's got nothing to complain about, but how about someone just put a prominent credit that says "Dedicated to Jack Kirby, the King of Comics"?

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