Thursday, August 10, 2006

Candice Rialson, RIP

In this post, We will miss you Candice Rialson, R.I.P., Code Red DVD has made the sad announcement that '70s drive-in icon Candice Rialson passed away in March.

The Wonderful Candice Rialson Is Gone by Marty McKee is a wonderful tribute. It also offers a nice overview of her career. Hollywood Blvd. Directors Remember Candice Rialson by Tim Lucas has statements from Joe Dante and Allan Arkush about the news. Richard Harland Smith also wrote a very lovely tribute on the Mobius Home Video Forum here.

Honestly, as a child of the '70s, finding ways of seeing movies like Hollywood Blvd. and Chatterbox was an important part of my life. A significant part of what makes them continue to be entertaining well into my adulthood is the charms of Candice Rialson.

Please follow the links above. They are all, in one manner or another, more compelling and poignant than anything I can think to write right now.

She will be missed.

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