Saturday, August 12, 2006

Crime comics

Why are there almost no crime comics done in anything like a standard art style?

I was at Zanadu Comics not too long ago looking through these things. Most are done in a blocky faux Art Deco style with stories that focus mostly on talking heads or they're in done in some flashy painted style or halfway through they turn into some Harvey Kurtzman inspired wackiness. None of those things are necessarily a problem for me, at least in principle, but it still raises the question, why aren't there any that seem targeted to a mainstream audience?

As best I can tell, Jon Sable: Freelance, 100 Bullets, Sin City and Fell are currently in-print, if intermittent in some cases, and qualify, to one extent or another as what I'm vaguely wondering about. Somehow, however, all of them seem just a little off, in terms of wholly broadbased appeal.

In fact, I own all of the "Sin City" books, I've read "100 Bullets" off and on over the year, I love "Sable" and, in fact, really need to pick up the new Sable collections, and I've just started reading "Fell".

Maybe Warren Ellis will find something in this vein to put up at Rocket Pirates, but who knows? Regardless of whether he may be interested in featuring something like that, there still needs to be someone creating it.

It has been suggested I should take it upon myself to rectify this, and I might pursue that idea at some point. The problems are, first, that I don't really have a story idea for this, merely a feeling of what I think is missing from comics shelf, and second, that, while I know some talented artists, who have at one time or another wanted to work on comics with me (I've written or started things with both Ryan Allred and Erech Overaker), but none of them draw in a style anything like what I'd imagine for this and I'm not sure I feel like sitting and telling talented people to do things less individual than what they do.


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