Monday, August 28, 2006

Kirby Day!

It's Jack Kirby's birthday. He would have been 89.

It would've been a good excuse for a blog-a-thon really. Kirby had such a colorful history, co-creating Captain America and The Newsboy Legion as well as Young Romance comics with Joe Simon in the '40's, creating Challengers of the Unknown in the '50s, co-creating most of what is now considered the Marvel Universe in the '60s with Stan Lee, creating the Fourth World titles, Kamandi and The Demon in the '70s as well as his wonderful and strange adaptation of 2001: A Space Odyssey and continuing into the '80s with even more ideas like Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers and his work in animation, including the backgrounds and such for Thundarr the Barbarian, as well as the marvelous short story, Street Code.

I'll post a few of the notes I've seen so far.

The best place seems to be Mark Evanier's touching Happy Jack Kirby Day!. He also maintains a wonderful Jack Kirby section on his webpage with The Jack FAQ and many other wonderful articles and resources for all information Kirby.

The Jack Kirby Comics Weblog has three post so far today featuring favorite Kirby splash pages, Happy Kirby Day!, Kirby Day continued and more Kirby Day continued, even more Kirby Day continued, yet still more Kirby Day continued and, yes, more Kirby Day continued. There's also a lovely tribute at the Simon and Kirby blog, Happy Birthday, Jack!.

Other posts out there, The Mighty One, Jack Kirby by Sleestak at Lady, That's My Skull, Hail to the King, baby! by Johnny Bacardi, Jack Kirby by Steven Thompson, Genetic Criminal by RAB at Estoreal, Jack Kirby's Birthday by Mark Mayerson, New York Birthday of the Day by Sunset Parker, Jacob Kurtzberg by Tom Dougherty, Jack Kirby Day by Wayne at The X, Jack Kirby Day by Ian at Brill Building, In honor of Jack Kirby's 89th birthday by Shaenon K. Garrity, Kirby Day by Ragnell at Written World, Born August 28 Jack Kirby aka "The King" at the now corporation, Hail to the King by Nathan Shumate, Why Kirby Was King from Random Happenstance, Happy Birthday, Jack Kirby by Robert at Pyrrhic Victories, All Hail the King at Johnny Is a Man / And He's Bigger Than You, Happy Jack Kirby Day by Mike Middleton, Happy Birthday, King by Kevin Church, Jack Kirby Born 89 Years Ago Today from The Comics Reporter, It's "The King's" Birthday by Jim Chadwick, The King of Comics from the Fortress of Fortitude, Celebrate King Kirby's Birthday from Photon Torpedoes, A Birthday Beyond Reason! by Chris Sims, Happy Jack Kirby Day by Kevin Melrose, Happy (Belated) Birthday, Jack Kirby! by Jon Knutson, Oh Yeah - A word about Jack Kirby by Philip Looney.

Perhaps I'll think of something to say later about Kirby's enormous imagination and how inspiring it has been to me over the year.

I put together all the links I found over the day. There's lots here. I recommend reading them and seeing a lot of great samples of his art, personal stories and the inspiration he brought over the year. In fact, for a Blog-a-thon that was never called for, it was pretty well covered.

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