Thursday, August 17, 2006

Random notes

Since I always like to make a note when prominent conservatives are right, I agree with nearly everything in this editorial, The Triumph of Unrealism by George F. Will.

I was at the library the other day and there's a big display of Northwest Writers, with all the same people as always - Ann Rule, Sherman Alexie, whatever... - so I went and took a copy of Mike Grell's Sable, which sadly never gets checked out, and placed it there prominently. It was checked out when I returned the next day.

I started randomly singing a song to myself about killing monkeys today. It shifted tone between sounding like The MC5 to Sammy Hagar to Cameo to Joe Walsh as the day went on. If I were doing something with it, I'd make sure to come up with a tone overall, but I'm not. I probably will write down the lyrics somewhere as they amused me.

Entertainment Weekly got me to buy a copy with their Six Bond covers. You can skip paying the money and just click that link. The article notes that the movie does indeed include the scene of genital torture that few who've read Casino Royale are likely to forget. Good to know.

I really want this album, Kôkotsu no Sekai by Reiko Ike, complete with it's excellent (and not work safe) cover.

The Screening by Cameron Romero, son of George, has potential. But then it sounds a lot like the same Throat Sprockets concept that John Carpenter already fumbled badly with in Cigarette Burns. Let's hope Romero does better.

In The Stranger's On Screen reviews for this week, Lindy West reviews the new movie Accepted. I'm moderately sure I saw the trailer for this at some point, but never had much interest until now. After reading that smug bullshit, I really want to give those people my ten bucks. I won't, however, as I'm sure it'll be on DVD in three months in an "Uncut, Unrated and Uncensored" version. This version will be essentially the same, but will include one lame shot of boobs. They will be onscreen briefly. They will be fake. I will be unaroused and unimpressed, but nevertheless will wait for that. Why? Because I'm certainly not interested in seeing the damn thing twice just so I can see the brief shot of fake boobs!

This item, Fair Warning by Mark Evanier, is hilarious.

I don't have enough to say about Do You Like Hitchcock? by Dario Argento to justify a full review. It's fun, though. It's not his best film but any stretch, but it might genuinely be his most fun movie. It also made me want to make a short parody called "Do You Like Argento?" in which someone suspects someone of commiting crimes out of Argento movies and having them wade through tons of convoluted motivations and elaborate schemes and multiple killers, etc. and mix together the bizarre explanations of two or three of the movies to make them even more convoluted. It would be hilarious... unfortunately, it would only be hilarious to a fairly small target audience.

I have more than enough to say about Small Gauge Trauma, the new collection of short films from the Fantasia Film Festival in Monréal. Watch it now without my full review. "Tea Break" by Sam Walker and "The Separation" by Robert Morgan are particularly brilliant.

I have, as it happens, no words to express how much I'd like to see the pilot described in this post, Even A God Needs Help by Marty McKee. If I say it starred William Shatner as Alexander the Great and would have essentially been a western series set in Macedonia with swords... Oh, go read the review. Maybe you'll understand.

That should be enough for now, though, right?

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Marty McKee said...

You should get a kick out of this then.

Alexander the Great

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