Thursday, August 17, 2006

Rock Me Tonite

I'm not sure if it's kind at all to suggest someone watch this, but whatever.

The most obvious question that arises immediately watching this is, who thought of this concept. Who said, "Billy. You've done this song about rocking you 'tonite', so the obvious setting would be first thing in the morning."

So, it's him waking up, rockin' his way through his morning low rent Mick Jagger wannabe workout, tearing his moderately gay shirt off to be replaced by the shirt that's so gay Jm J. Bullock would look away from it in horror. But then he find his band in the other room jammin' away. I want a band now, just so I can have people give me this wakeup. Perhaps if there was a Starbucks in his apartment, then it would be perfect.

Anyway, the most glorious part is the fact that at the end, he throws the drummer off his game, inspiring both the drummer and the keyboard player to dance instead of play. And their dance makes Billy's thrusting toward heaven routine look like it was performed by Bob Fosse himself.

For anyone tempted to feel nostaligic for the '80s, watch this again. This is the real '80s. Hollow, goofy and bearing a kind of disturbing asexual gayness.

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