Monday, September 25, 2006

Briefly more America

I wish to note that, while I am finding it impossible to support the Democrats, I have not come to support third parties, even the post I linked, Throwing the Bums Out notes that "third-parties serve as [nothing] more than a distraction in a political system that's guaranteed to be controlled by two parties." Not to mention, as I said, I specifically blame political extremists, of the left and right, for crying wolf with words like "tyranny" and "Fascism" so often that it's no longer possible to present a credible argument using these words, no matter how accurate they have become.

Meanwhile The Rise of Jihadistan by Ron Moreau, Sami Yousafzai and Michael Hirsh reports that while we truck on in the war that Bush's cherry-picked intellegence agencies report is severely exacerbating the terrorism problem, we are losing the justified and even righteous war we began in Afghanistan.

And in Letters! I Get Letters! by Tim Lucas, he reports on a frightening problem hitting PBS stations. It's a little way down the page, beginning with "But the most eye-opening blog response I received last week was from a PBS employee whose correspondence was labelled 'not for publication.'"

It continues "Evidently, PBS stations are now being suffocated by increased restrictions from the FCC, whose fines have become so steep that even a single fine could be enough to put a smaller PBS affiliate out of business... Thus far, PBS has been unsuccessful in obtaining even the vaguest guidelines from the FCC, so affiliates have no idea in advance of what the FCC may find objectionable, until the killing fine is thrown down."

There's a lot more there and it's well worth reading, even though it's outrageous and enraging.

And I'll end with this, Homeland Security relaxes liquid on planes rules by Mark Frauenfelder at Boing Boing. I can't really quote it without spoiling it. Just go!

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