Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The continuing saga of Lindy West

I can't really suggest there's a "popular demand", however I do note that I continue getting traffic here from searches for "Lindy West". I can't imagine my snarky comments were that interesting and if The Lindy West Fan Club wants some exciting WWE style rivalry, she's really going to have to deliver something more.

I really only noticed her review of Accepted, a movie whose simple existence I had only a passing awareness of, because it was so smugly in praise of that which I most despise, The American Education System, both higher and lower, and The Boynton Beach Club because it followed it by a week.

Honestly, two annoying reviews by a critic is statistically uninteresting, except that they followed one week after the other.

Her review in this week's On Screen causes me no particular reaction. Mostly it's for Haven, a movie I can't generate any interest in, any which way. The closest I come to an issue is thinking that "Despite the unnecessary structural brouhaha, overwrought dialogue ('You're my heart, and when you broke, I broke down with you'), and corny time-elapse sequences, the film packs a surprising heft." reads a lot like "Despite the fact that it was served at room temperature and made with salt instead of sugar, that chocolate milkshake was surprisingly delicious."

That brought up, however, I'm sure I've written something that would read as absurdly to me when trying to explain my feelings on some movie. Sometimes to understand the paradox, you just have to bear witness, which I have little interest in doing.

Ultimately, Lindy could be a lovely person despite the love of college and gerontophobia. I don't know. I'm happy to continue reviewing her reviews on a weekly basis if she'll just go back to annoying the piss out of me, but seriously, after that review of Neil LaBute's The Wicker Man, she may have take up racism or advocating a Constitutional Amendment allowing George W. a third term for me to get riled enough to bother writing about it.

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