Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hard Candy

Hard Candy is, as you likely gathered from the poster, a modern Red Riding Hood. It's also excellent.

It's the story of a 14-year-old girl who goes home with a 32-year-old photographer after they've been chatting online. They meet at place called Nighthawks, where he buys her some treats and a shirt with Edward Hopper's Nighthawks on it.

I've told you all the symbolism now that I'm going to. It's really not a movie about symbols, but about characters and how they unfold and what you make of them. There's a discussion on the DVD about different people's reactions and how some thought it should be shown at Feminist Theory classes and others felt it made a case opposed to that. Which is all the more reason, I think, it should be shown in contexts such as that. Shouldn't Feminist Theory be something that inspires discussion and debate?

This movie provides no easy answers, but are there any easy answers? It illuminates and condemns both its leads remarkably, with both actors playing all dimensions that entails.

I still make it sound like an important movie that you should sit down and view some day when you want to see something important, because I don't know how to discuss the great drama and suspense without giving away the events, which unfold in a very deliberate way.

Suffice it to say, I thought it was a really terrific little movie.

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