Friday, September 01, 2006

Random comics notes

As you might notice, I'm really jonesing to read some new comics. Perhaps I'll write something about the comics I keep drooling over and wishing I could afford and why.

I'm also having a seriously growing jones to write a comic, as well. Interestingly, I'm definitely wanting to do something that's either either a straight crime/action story or something that's a really far-out space opera kind of story. Maybe if I go for it, I'll still shut up about what decision I make. If I do, it most definitely not Super-hero or horror, one way or the other. My muse is not intrigued by either of those at this moment.

I have a plans to do a third The future of comic books, which would involve the idea I have for a kind of giant online subscription service for comics. Unfortunately, in starting it, I started to read web comics as research and ended up bored with the whole thing. Anyone out there have suggestions for web comics?

Interestingly, at least to me, I was writing at my "personal" journal on why I was going to be cutting back the number of things I cross-post from here. Basically because if I make a point someone thinks is brilliant (or interesting or even stupid) and wants to send stranger people to come and look, I want it to be here, the blog I'm trying to promote.

Just yesterday, I was considering that one of the things that had stuck with me a while was in March, when I had just started this site, I wrote a posting, Super-heroes and Law, and was told there was a link to it at Blogophile for March 28 by Melissa McNamara. Honestly, I thought she missed a lot of important points that I made - or parroted from smarter people - and made me sound just insensitive to the concerns of others. Mostly, I was just annoyed that if it was going to draw new readers, it was sending them to the wrong blog.

As I was going to write about this, I realized that the article was only at that blog, so I added a backdated version here, just as a matter of record. To my amusement, today Brian Cronin added the Superhero Trademark FAQ, which, from here on out, I insist everyone read before expressing an opinion to me on this issue, to the new Comics Should Be Good home.

That post also links Just Imagine by Greg Schienke, which has an interesting post on Who Owns Superboy?

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