Monday, September 18, 2006

Population 436

Population 436 is a perfectly servicable little movie. It owes a lot to The Wicker Man and The Lottery by Shirley Jackson and certainly never transcends its nature as a repetition of other people's ideas.

A couple of reviews I've read online have complimented its twists. I will not be doing so. In fact, it was so predictable in its structure that I'm not even sure what plot points were seen as twists.

That said, it's also well made. Jeremy Sisto is solid and compelling in the lead. Fred Durst is surprisingly competent. The characters are nicely drawn and the story moves at a solid pace.

It's the kind of movie that I may have neglected to mention at all if it were a major release, but as one of those movies that sits on the New Release shelf with bland, generic covers and concepts that could be good and could be crap, it's better than average, and sometimes that in itself deserves a mention.

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