Friday, September 22, 2006

What is a Bleeding Tree?

One of the most popular search to lead people here, after The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (or "The Lion", which I'm assume is the same, although I have no idea why anyone searches for an image of "The Lion" instead of Aslan) and "Lindy West", is "What is a bleeding tree?"

Yes. It's usually phrased as a question just like that.

You know, like Google was a dude sitting there responding to questions rather than a massive database of word combinations.

So, I was considering giving a real answer, but, seriously, do you really think there's a single simple answer? There are references to bleeding trees in many mythologies, from Greek to Jewish to The Divine Comedy.

The bleeding tree that got stuck associating itself with most aspects of my life is the one in a rather mediocre movie by William Friedkin movie named The Guardian.

Perhaps another day I'll get into one of the other stories. And then perhaps one day you'll learn to phrase a good search question. Both seem a little unlikely, but truly possible.

To my other new search friends, here's What Order Should I Read the Narnia Books in (And Does It Matter?) by Andrew Rilstone and a picture of "The Lion".

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