Saturday, October 14, 2006

Art School Confidential

I don't think Art School Confidential could have been worse if it had been made by The Devil himself with the express purpose of ruining my previously pleasant evening.

I very much enjoyed director Terry Zwigoff's Ghost World and Bad Santa. I've also very much enjoyed the work of Daniel Clowes.

This... I don't know. I have literally nothing positive to say about it. Not an interesting failure but simply tedious, pointless, self-satisfied, unfunny.

It's certainly not hip or knowing. I could have picked out all of these art stereotypes when I was five, after watching Uncle Arthur on a couple of episodes of Bewitched. It's greatest crime is hitting easy targets that have been hit time and again and having nothing new to say except "Ha! Ha! Art types are silly and dumb."

Surely after a lifetime of mediocre television sitcoms you don't need a pretentious art film to tell you that, did you?

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