Thursday, October 12, 2006

Female genitalia

I passed a deli today with an ad for an avocado sandwich. This is not interesting in itself, except the avocado look strangely like green labia. It was unappealing on both sexual and culinary levels.

Which got me to realizing that when I was having my Star Trek fantasies about Orion slave girls, I hadn't gotten quite that far. I'm not sure what any of that says about my fantasy life.

While we're in the neighborhood, in this week's Savage Love column, A Special Guest, a woman calling herself "Please Keep Me Anonymous" refers to her "vag". Apparently, I was out of the loop on this one, because everyone I asked - all two of them - were already aware of this and quite sure it rhymes with badge.

First of all, "V-A-G" can only rhyme with bag. If you don't want me to say that, then don't say that other thing.

Secondly, the vernacular already has a perfectly good one syllable word for that. There's no reason to make up a new one.

Finally, if you use that word, however you choose to pronounce it, in front of me, I'm pretty sure I'll throw up in my mouth. Seriously, no good can come from it. It needs to go.


nowhere said...

have you ever stared at pecan halves... interesting.

r_sail said...

I've said 'vag' and it doesn't rhyme with bag!

I'll say it around you, in hopes of seeing you throw up in your mouth a little!

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