Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Prairie Home Companion

I loved A Prairie Home Companion by the great Robert Altman.

I'm not sure how to write a review of my own thoughts, especially since Roger Ebert's review captures nearly every point I would have made independently, right down to the reference to "Red River Valley" being the saddest song in the world. He's simply done a better job expressing them. I feel I should take this opportunity to link Roger writes from rehab and offer my best wishes to Roger on continued recovery.

I will make my own weird comment about it being a happy moment in my filmgoing days to see a movie with both L.Q. Jones and Lindsay Lohan. I might be close to unique in taking pleasure in that, as a fact of its own.

It's not a movie for those of you people who think plot is the most important element of a movie. It's a movie for the rest of us who think plot more often cripples everything else in the movie, especially in today's modern Hollywood, where everything is so subservient to plot as to be useless.

A Prairie Home Companion is not a movie about the plot, whatever it is exactly. It's about memory and nostalgia. Not only nostalgia for things that were better, but merely for things that were different. It's about family and love. It's about music. It's about humor and the subtle joys of life.

If I started listing brilliant performances, I'd never stop. Suffice it to say, they're all brilliant.

It's a charming and disarming movie on all levels, exactly what one expects from Altman and from Garrison Keillor. Good stuff.

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