Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Why don't I care about Hallowe'en?

I know. I really should about Hallowe'en.

But I don't.

Mark Evanier really doesn't like it.

I'm just apathetic, although I do agree with him completely about candy corn.

I think it has something to do with the obligation of it. A kind of useless obligation.

With Christmas and such, we're obliged to recognize those around them and spread generosity and goodwill. Well, we should be obliged, at least socially obliged, to do that occasionally. Most of us struggle to get up the energy to do it often enough and sometimes we should just feel that we have to, so that we can make those around us feel as cherished to us as they actually are.

Hallowe'en? Why should I feel obliged to dress up in a costume and go to parties and whatever else?

It's all rote. It's not that a bunch of my friends got excited about the idea of a costume party or horror movie video nights or whatever. It would be fun to get caught up in the excitement surrounding an inspired event and think of a fun costume to wear or suggesting great videos or what have you.

As it is, I can't bring myself to care.

If you need my recommendations for videos tonight, here they are, but remember, these are obligatory and not inspired.

George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead and Anthony Shaffer's The Wicker Man by Robin Hardy are the two horror movies firmly entrenched on my ten greatest movies of all time list. If you've not seen them or not seen them in some time, they're as fine a choices as you could hope for.

Nigel Kneale, creator of the great Quatermass movies, just passed away. A lot of people seem to be recommending Halloween III: Season of the Witch for tonight. That seems a good idea. The movie is flawed but interesting, marred largely by the impression of so many mindless movie-going drones that couldn't take a movie called "Halloween" that didn't feature Michael Myers, although a successful anthology of Halloween themed movies sound much more interesting than what followed.

I also just watched The Resurrected by Dan O'Bannon again. Lion's Gate has just put out a DVD. It's completely without features and, worse than that, full frame! It is, however, based on The Case of Charles Dexter Ward and one of the better Lovecraft adaptions out there.

I'd be very interested in knowing more about this. How much did O'Bannon, primarily known as a writer, re-write of Brent Friedman's screenplay? Why did this get buried so badly on release? I'd also like to know why Lion's Gate released a movie whose primary audience is going to be movie geeks on a full frame DVD, a recipe for poor sales all around.

What am I personally going to watch tonight? Not sure. Maybe a horror movie, maybe not. If it's at the store, I might go with the others and give Halloween III another visit. It's been a while.

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