Friday, October 06, 2006

The Woods

I really liked Lucky McKee's May. I thought Sick Girl, his episode of Masters of Horror, was quite interesting.

His newest movie, The Woods, had lots of things going for it. It's a horror movie about ideas and characters. It's got a strong female lead character. It's got an interesting period setting.

It starts out with a set of incredibly cardboard characters, doing and saying incredibly cardboard things. It's watchable merely because of its atmosphere, which does lead the viewer into a rather compelling mystery. Unfortunately, the mystery turns out exactly the way anyone would expect it ought to be, which leads it all into an incredibly tedious climax involving cheesy effects of the woods attacking people.

Yep. It's not very good.

There's maybe a half-hour of good stuff and the use of Lesley Gore is brilliant. I can't say any of that comes close to being worth sitting through the rest for, however.

Even the things that work are spotty. The period details are almost all spot on, but the ones that aren't are glaring. Agnes Bruckner, the lead, has hair colored a color that neither exists in nature nor was it a color anyone had in 1965. Much of the teenage dialogue rang a bit wrong, but the reference to two girls being "gay" was incredibly out of place in the time period.

Those were sloppy and kept me from getting hooked during the parts where it's almost good enough to justify its beginning or the end.


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