Thursday, November 30, 2006


So, someone at my warehouse job had on NPR this morning, before I drew something closer to sanity by changing it to Jack FM.

Anyway, they had this promo saying the next story was about black leaders calling for a "boycott" of the "n-word".

Boycott? Do they even know what boycott means?

They're going to stop buying nigger? Well, good. You can get plenty of nigger out there for free.

Are they going to stop buying products called nigger? Because, seriously, if they drive the Nigger Brand Sweetener off the market, I'll have nothing to put on my Coon Flakes, dammit!

In the actual story, banal as it was, there was no mention of a boycott, just a renewed effort to get people to stop using the word, which you can make whatever you want of. My point is merely that the promo was stupid.

EDIT: I'm feeling the necessity to explain this post a bit further before causing more offense than necessary.

My point was not to mock the intentions of the people involved at all. Mostly I intended to mock the terminology used by the radio, although I can't say I'm terribly impressed by the notion that going on NPR to denounce the word "nigger" is of any compelling value to be ludicrous. Preaching to the converted in the most obnoxious sense.

Regarding my use of the word itself, I find euphemisms viscerally offensive. It makes the listener think the offensive thought while pretending to spare them. As such, it's a lie. It's an offensive thought, a lie and a patronizing "protection" all in one. It's everything I hate.

The word is offensive, but the idea is why it's offensive. Pretending it's the sound of the syllables rather than the idea is vastly more vile than that idea is rather disingenuous, so I'm unable to walk around it if I'm actually discussing the issue.

As to questionable joke, I don't know what to say. For whatever reason, it made me laugh. I just think the idea that even if one might desire to use racial epithets as branding technique (outside an overtly political context) that one could hysterical.

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