Monday, November 06, 2006

Harry Knowles

Look, I've been reading movie rumor websites for a very long time. I never have figured out exactly how the Knowles site became so popular. Of the ones that were about 10 or more years ago when the concept took off, it was the most unreadably formatted and poorly written and among the least reliable for accuracy.

Of course, the reason the mainstream media picked up on it was because Knowles put himself forward as part of the story rather than the story being news or movies. His site became the symbol of all specifically because it wasn't as good as the others. It was an easy story.

And for a time, many online movie geeks bought into it. Not because they were fans of Knowles specifically, but because movie geeks talking on the Internet seemed important for a moment in time and the media had picked up on Knowles, but really they were talking about us, or so we imagined.

Mind you, I was always the guy bitching that his site sucked and that his opinions were banal at best. Not one of the guys who obsessed over it, just one who noted it when the subject came up.

This is all just an introduction, however, to A Completely Unwarranted Attack On The Mentally Handicapped by Kevin Church.

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