Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Endless Night

Endless Night is quite a terrific movie.

It's a tough sell as a movie. Many of the reviews I spot online fault it for being too slow, but I'm not sure one could effectively tell this story without the leisurely love story opening, leading into increasingly mysterious events.

I'm honestly tired of the complaint of "slow". I was just forced to endure two morons complaining about how nothing happens in the first half of David Cronenberg's A History of Violence, which just utterly misses the entire point of the movie. Mind you, I've heard reasonable criticisms of that movie, which I didn't necessarily agree with, but that's just not one... and, mind you, I certainly think slow is a valid complaint against certain movies, but it's not inherently a flaw anymore than "fast" is or "in color" is, for that matter.

(This same couple faulted Match Point entirely because the protaganist commits a grossly immoral act, so I don't know except that I'm glad I don't have to watch movies with them.)

My biggest complaint with Endless Night is the accents. We are first introduced to a boorish American touring Europe. The actor tries hard, but his struggle to enunciate every syllable in a very nasal American accent is ridiculous. Then we meet the lovely Hayley Mills as an American girl. Now, I seem to recall her American accent as Susan in The Parent Trap ebing decent, although my memory may be kinder than it ought to be, however here she makes few attempts at an American accent and even those are awkward at best. And then there's Britt Ekland's German accent, which was less distracting only in not being as bad as the American accents.

That said, once Mills has been onscreen a bit and her romance gets going, the accent ceases to be of notice, especially as the story unfolds. The story does a wonderful job of slipping in increasingly mysterious events and not revealing which are important to what and what they mean until more is revealed late in the story. A thriller in which part of the mystery is indeed what is going to happen. Very nice.

Very good story with good acting all around, too, especially by lead actor Hywel Bennett, who I expect may have suffered a time or two from being the second choice when David Hemmings wasn't available.

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