Friday, December 22, 2006

A night

After a truly exhausting day, there's nothing more relaxing and energizing than sitting down to some utter trash.

I know not everyone is that way. That is why God created the word "dillhole".

I don't remember the quote exactly, it's in Leviticus, I believe, "And such shall be called the holes of dill and ye shall shun them, as their presence is an abomination. I am the Lord, your God."

So, last night, being a particularly exhausting day, I was most pleased to have a particularly trashy movie waiting, Silent Night, Deadly Night.

I first saw Silent Night, Deadly Night shortly after its debut on video. The guy at the video store said it was funny. I watched it and also found it amusing. My father decided to take our advice and was horrified that we'd found it so.

Seeing it now, I can better see why. I'm quite sure he wasn't familiar with the genre, so all he would have seen is the shocking deaths and rather creepy misogyny. I didn't quite see past those elements myself last night, but still basically found it strangely amusing and definitely a trashy capper to a very long day.

1 comment:

Marty McKee said...

You need to see PART 2. I wonder if you'll agree with me that it's quite likely the most cynical sequel ever made (which is saying a lot).

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