Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sin City deluxe

I had the joyful experience of watching most of the Sin City - Recut, Extended, Unrated and it is awesome!

Personally, I think they work much better in single vignettes and I enjoyed seeing the expanded material. It's also fun to see the various features and see how much joy everyone involved took in the process of making it. Not to mention the cooking school on making breakfast tacos, including the homemade tortillas... dang!

Unfortunately, while I had, back in the summer, made peace with Nancy's boobs and their lack of exposure in the film. The final straw, the point from which I decided they need to be there and this movie completely fucked it was, ironically enough, Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez's absolutely pathetic justification on the commentary...

Ok, first, watching the Hard Goodbye segment and realizing that without any direct effect on That Yellow Bastard there was no longer any excuse for Nancy to be wearing a top in that segment at all. But after some brief discussion, I pretty much shrugged.

Then Frank starts going on this weird shit about it being easy to draw someone topless but somehow different when there's a real person there... Blah-fucking-blah!

Now, that's a perfectly good reason why Gail and Nancy aren't topless in their respective torture scenes. I think that would have been a lot to expect of the actors and it would have played differently live-action than it does drawn... Agreed. But then they never even touch that.

Somehow this applied to Nancy on the stage and I don't see how. If you're going to make drama, on film, stage or whatever, you're occasionally going to have to take actors out of their comfort zones. I think exposing ones breasts is not really even high on the list of ways one might step out of their safety zone for an effective performance.

And it wasn't the reason they didn't show Bruce Willis's wiener. That was because, according to them, they thought it would be distracting with so much screen time, front and center. Again, makes sense. Nothing about it being too hard to get Bruce to do his part to play his character... It's just assumed Bruce is a fucking professional... well, and was in The Color of Night... but anyway...

Then Frank goes on a thing about Nancy not being a "stripper" but rather the Basin City "muse" and blah-fucking-blah... and I don't disagree, but I don't see the point. She's everyone's topless muse. She's defiantly the hottest chick in town.

I stole that attitude for a stripper in the exploitation script I'm slowly making my way through. If Frank doesn't have the balls to present her onscreen with the same presence and defiance he puts on the page onto the screen, then I'll do it instead.

The biggest problem is just this, though... Nancy and her blondness and cowgirl swing may be the least my type of all the chicks in all the books, but when I'm reading them, I see her as the hottest chick in town. And I've always taken that as how she was intended. However it works if you meet up with those women in real life, Jessica Alba may actually be the least hot chick on screen. Maybe with some tits-out defiant OOMPH!, she might have put up some competition, but standing there dancing slowly in place under what seems a remarkable amount of clothing even if she was a clothed Go-Go Dancer.

Yep, for all their talk, Mr. Miller and Mr. Rodriguez wussed out on this and their excuses, rather than explaining this in their commentary, they merely prove it.


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