Saturday, December 16, 2006


The announcement that WKRP is coming out on DVD has created a lot of fusses, some good, some bad.

Wonder Whatever Became of Me... by Mark Evanier covers it pretty well, but the open questions is how much of the original music will make it onto the show.

It sounds like the people producing the DVD are trying to at least sound like they're making a sincere effort to secure the rights to some of it. I just hope whoever is working on this has some budget and some concern over the integrity of the show.

I've not seen many of the fully altered episodes, as detailed in A Guide To Music Changes In "WKRP in Cincinnati", but some are really much more atrocious sounding than others. I mean, I can't imagine - and don't wish to imagine - "A Date With Jennifer" without Foreigner's "Hot Blooded".

Most of us - at least not me - are not demanding a miracle, but I'm certainly hoping for a sincere effort to get as many of the most integral songs as possible. Please.

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