Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone out there has a great 2007.

My resolution is to make "The Hunt" my first major film work. I've spent a lot of time pondering other big projects in the last while, and for anyone who caught wind of any and were intrigued, they are not off the table.

In fact, given reasonable time and energy after the efforts necessary to make "The Hunt" happen and, y'know, keep myself fed and clothed, I'll presumably put some effort into typing one or two of them out. And smaller projects, including videos for Slackhabit and Still Coffin, if they ever get themselves ready, are still on the agenda, and are, like Lakeside, steps toward making "The Hunt" happen.

But any point that any of these is more distraction from than benefit to "The Hunt" - or "Lakeside", which remains, to my mind, the résumé piece for it - it will be sidelined.

Mind you, this all assumes that "Lakeside" or some video or whatever doesn't put me in line to direct the next big J-horror remake or some other impossible to turn down project. I think that remains a pretty safe assumption, however.

It may be another shoestring project like this, although, as I've said, there are requirements for having a well-prepared budget that covers everything necessary for the whole project, a schedule set in advance and the ability to pay everyone involved something even if it's small and/or partly in deferred payments. Or maybe luck will be with the project and we'll be able to do something more grand.

I don't know. I only know that I'm determined to turn that script, or some soon to be improved version of it, into a finished film.

As with before, the first step is finishing "Lakeside".

I look forward to showing you the finished short in the coming year, and wish you all the best of success in the year to come.

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