Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Making movies

A number of things have me pondering my potential future as a moviemaker.

I watched the truly compelling This Film is Not Yet Rated by Kirby Dick. I can't say there was much of the general information that was new, but it was still a discouraging reminder of what so much of the film industry is. The general complaint lodged was a concern over violating the privacy of the ratings jurors. I can't say that bothered me in the least, but I did think the scenes with the private detective were considerably less compelling than the rest of the movie.

I also watched The Straun House and The Beast of Bray Road. This was in a quest to see a small horror movie that wasn't a Saw rip-off. Both were surprisingly competent, the former starring the perfectly acceptable Stephen Polk, who is disturbingly like a mutant blend of Bruce Campbell and Adam Carolla.

In my current state of mind, however, mind-bogglingly bad would have been more interesting.

I looked at the biography of Leigh Slawner, director of The Beast of Bray Road, and can't help think his a career I'd like to have, although I'd like my movies to be better than that. I think that's as close to the Roger Corman ideal one can get these days.

I mean, I suppose Stuart Gordon, who The Straun House tries desperately to emulate, is closer all around, but this works better for this example.

Anyway, I have a number of decisions to work on right now that could affect my future. I'm unsure what exactly I'm going to make any of them.

The priority is still, of course, Lakeside, which I should be editing soon with Justin, but the rest is in constant flux for the time being.

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