Wednesday, January 24, 2007

MPAA part 1, or movie piracy

This Film is Not Yet Rated has me thinking of a lot of things.

It's one of those subject matters that leads to a lot of simplistic thinking, some of which is indeed highlighted in the movie.

I'm starting with movie piracy mostly because I have the least to say on the subject.

I saw an ad last night, that I assume was one of theirs, that made an extended joke of what might happen if you bought the movie instead of stole it and ended with a message to buy or rent legally because it's "good karma".

I'm not sure this completely registers the complexity of the issue, but it sure beats the old disengenous ads with some grip saying, "If you download a pirated copy of Mission: Impossible III then Paramount Pictures, a subsidary of the Viacom corporation, won't be able to pay me, so I can feed my kids." Those ads are such a huge lie that they make me want to steal movies just to spite them.

Ultimately, there are a lot of bigger issues going on here. The MPAA is working long and hard, using huge amounts of money, to block your rights to use your property, your copy of a DVD, your computer, your television in perfectly righteous manners in order to prevent you from being able to doing things they don't want you to do.

Look, I'm all in favor of protecting one's intellectual property rights. I'm a guy in the middle of working hard to make a living off my intellectual property.

Seriously, though, I should have the same rights with my copy of a movie as I have with my copy of a book. The MPAA asking for more legal protection than that is unreasonable. Congress giving it to them is deplorable.

All the lying and pure bullshit shoveled into their argument makes me wonder if there isn't something they're hiding.

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