Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Let's pretend for a moment that because I love movies, I might care about The Oscars.

A lot of surprise bandied about at the Little Miss Sunshine nod. I can't really join in. The Academy likes to pretend they could give the big prize to a comedy.

I'm calling Babel for the win. It's the violently mediocre looking choice on the list. The Crash, the A Beautiful Mind of this year. The movie I can't bring myself to even consider sitting through that will win by sheer force of its banality.

My favorites, Pan's Labyrinth, The Proposition, Brick and Children of Men, at this point, in that order, are woefully underrepresented. Reminding me exactly why I don't care about these things...

I confess I've not yet gotten to The Departed or Letters from Iwo Jima, although in both cases am interested to.

Basically, though. I can't pretend to care any longer than this. This was already a stretch.

1 comment:

Erech said...

I forgot all about Brick. Wow, that is a shame it got nothing, great flick.

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